Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Complex Timer: A Training app for Climbing

Versión en español

As you know, for some Endurance training methods like Extensive Interval Training or Intermittent Dead-hangs/ Repeaters, several nested countdowns are needed.

After years of trying lots of interval timer apps and finding that none of them suited all of our particular training needs, my boyfriend, Daf, decided to write his own.

Basic Tutorial

As its name reveals, it can be a bit unusual at first glance, so a tutorial was in order.
Hope you like it.


- Backup and restore your sessions.
- Copy a session to use it as a template for a new one.
- Group countdowns that repeat several times.
- Nest a group inside another one to create complex patterns.
- Move countdowns or whole groups up/down or even inside/outside groups.
- Copy countdowns or groups to save time.
- Goup and countdown descriptions are customizable.
- Set the type of alarm that will be played before a countdown starts, so that you know if a pause or a work segment comes next.
- Set an alarm to warn you before the time is up.
- Choose among 9 different colors for each countdown.
- Skip any particular repetition(s).
- Choose whether the session will pause when a countdown ends.
- Skip backward/forward while running a session.
- Keep the screen on while running a session.
- See the complete session in list form to have a visual reference of what it's going to look like, and use it to skip to any particular countdown.
- Run, pause and reset the session from the lockscreen notification.
- Receive an alarm that indicates the whole session has ended.

If you feel curious, give Complex Timer a try and let me know what you think of it (or leave a comment in Google Play)

Thank you and happy training!