Coaching one-on-one

Are you interested  in taking a one-to-one coaching session with me and do you live in London or you are able to travel there?
PicturesJavipec photoClimbers: Isabel Carbonell, Pablo Vázquez

Feel free to let me know at the follow FORM REQUEST. Given that currently I live in Spain, the date of our session is still to be decided. The place would be the Blocfit Brixton (see address below). Once I receive enough number of requests:
- I would send you an email confirming the reservation and proposing you an appointment,
- We would agree the time, duration and the main objectives for the session,
- I would schedule my flight to London.

Private class with Nina Williams, Movement Bouldering & Fitness, Denver (CO, USA). Picture: James Lucas

Private coaching session with Nacho Sánchez. Toledo

The one-on-one session would take place at the BlocFit Brixton:
Unit 9, 320a Coldharbour Lane,
Brixton, SW9 8SE,


Feel free to email me at in case you have any questions.

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