Saturday, June 8, 2013

Redpoint Anxiety in Climbing: Coping Strategies (I)

Just as we said in the previous entry, we are going to talk about some coping strategies that are used to face redpoint anxiety or adjust it.

The term coping strategies was defined by Lazarus and Folkman (1986) as “a broad range of cognitive and behavioral strategies that people use to manage the demands of specific stressful encounters”.

In the way of an introduction, let me ask you a question:

How do you react to problems?

  1. I usually don’t face them. I run from them, avoid them, they don’t pique my interest and I do not talk about them.
  2. I try to look at them in a different light
  3. I try to control or shape my feelings.
  4. I look for a way of solving the situation and try to act upon the aspects of reality that are causing it.
Do you react like this at the prospect of trying your hardest route, or when facing the stressing situations that life throws at us?

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